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The beauty of being minimalistic

It wasn’t until I cleaned out my wardrobe 6 months ago, that it really hit me that I had become the proud owner of an astronomical amount of ‘stuff’. The majority of this so called ‘stuff’, I no longer used or wore – it was simply just clutter. So, naturally, I decided to do what every millennial does and committed myself to a weekend of tidying, following Marie Kondo’s wise words:

“Put your hands on everything you own, ask yourself if it sparks joy, and if it doesn’t, thank it for its service and get rid of it”.

I ended up with SIX massive garbage bags of possessions that no longer served a purpose which I consequently heaved into my car and dropped off at the local charity shop.

And so my addiction with de-cluttering began.

Since then I have transferred another five or so garbage bags to the charity stores around town, I have sold some possessions on, and given others away.

Yet, the most significant change this decluttering has had on my life would have to be my spendings. I no longer buy items because I have the money available to buy them, or because they are the next ‘new’ thing society are attempting to brainwash me into thinking that I require in order to be happy.

Instead, I buy and retain only things that bring me joy, and in turn am only surrounded by things that make me happy.

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