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Five everyday survival strategies in a busy world

Five everyday survival strategies in a busy world

We live in a busy world, the now world, consumer driven, consumer demand fast pace, want it now world, where information is available 24/7 with a click of a finger (or mouse).

A world that is changing fast. What is new today, is out of date tomorrow.

Am I the only one who has noticed how fast the days seem to go now?

Literally life seems to just fly by, and it feels like if you don’t keep boarding that “bus” that’s leaving out front every morning, you’re going to get left behind…..way behind.

It is maybe no surprise to you that in our fast paced world incidences of stress, anxiety and depression are on the increase. So is drug abuse, alcoholism, relationship fractures

It seems just a little harder to stay on course. If you think your life is starting to go off track a little, apply one or all of these five ideas to see if they can help make a difference to you.

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