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Wealth Management leads to Health Management

Wealth Management leads to Health Management

We live in an age of unnecessary sickness and disability.

Every day in this world the rates of heart disease and cancer increase. And what about the obesity epidemic?
According to reports, we Australians are getting fatter!!

And can someone please tell me why young people are still taking up smoking, with the dangers widely known.

There are increases in rates of heart disease, cancer and obesity every day in and this is in despite of all the knowledge on prevention of the aforementioned being readily and freely available to us all.

Ok, some cancers are genetic…….but smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, poor diet and too much fast food, and prolonged couch potato comfort all contribute.

Prevention includes regular exercise, a low fat, high fibre and protein enriched diet, regular vitamin supplementation and sleep.

Prevention means you’re going to spend a lot more time above ground, to enjoy life, and stay active in your later years because you are healthier, more confident and more resilient to life’s setbacks

Did you know that health management and wealth management go hand in hand.

The key to staying healthy in your post working life is not just about diet and exercise management.

Did you know money issues are one of the biggest causes of stress in our lives?

Limiting stress is therefore very important and how you manage your money can determine your level of stress.

If your levels of stress are too high then the health consequences associated with high stress can be severe.

Not a lot of people associate long term health management with wealth management.

However most people do think that, “if I am healthier, I will spend less on medical treatment in future years, meaning I will have more money to spend on me”.

Now this does have an element of truth in it, but good health does come at a price.

Therefore future planning and good money management are very important to long term wealth and health success.

If you’re going to live longer, you’re going to need more money. Planning is essential.

Having good wealth management leads to good health management in future years

Control your wealth, control your health. Less stress time and more living!!

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